We are a family owned and operated business. Your hosts Pete and Ashleigh dreamed up the idea of starting a glamping business after staying in a somewhat damp and cold yurt without a view in the middle of the English Countryside. Now that not may seem like the kind of story that would lead to us feeling inspired, but inspired we were! Because even though the yurt was wet, leaky and felt as though it was about to fall down, we had the most memorable and incredible vacation, one we will never forget. We realised that staying in a unique accommodation in a beautiful place would create memories that would last a life time. At that was the spark, the ‘what if’ moment. In this case the ‘what if’ was a simple one:

"what if instead of this damp old leaky yurt we could stay in something luxurious, with huge windows with a view onto something amazing. What if we could create something unique that would create memories that would last forever….but with en suite facilities, a luxurious bed to melt into and that you could wake up to a view that you would never want to leave"

That was our moment, that was the beginning of our dream.

Mere months later Pete had left his job as managing director at a London IT company and moved the family back to Ashleigh's childhood home of Vancouver Island to begin a new adventure. We knew that Tofino was the perfect location for Geodesic Dome Glamping after visiting for the first time as a family in the summer of 2016. Ashleigh had visited many times before and wanted to share this magical place where she had made so many childhood memories with her own daughter.

After our brief visit that summer we both left saying 'If only we could live here!!' And now we do, we couldn’t be happier and we are so excited to start sharing our dream with guests, both those visiting Tofino for the first time and those that come here often and are looking for something a little different. Those that live here, and those that have visited before, know that Tofino really has its own kind of magic.

We are fully embracing our new lifestyle and all Tofino has to offer and we're very excited for what the future holds. We look forward to sharing this incredible place with you all.

We have an onsite office so we are available to greet you and help to make your stay as comfortable as possible.  We hope you love glamping and Tofino!

Happy Glamping

Pete and Ashleigh