Please see the listed dates below for the currently available stays over the next few months, for future dates please use our availability calendar.  

BOOKING: You can book these stays directly through this website or if you need assistance get in touch with us.  We will aim to keep this as up to date as possible however some dates may have been booked since we last updated the list, also new dates may be added at any time in the event of cancellations.

AVAILABILITY CALENDAR: Click here to see our availability calendar.  Please note that you will get a more accurate picture of available nights by selecting a pod from the drop down list at the top of the page where is says "All Rooms". https://www.wildpod.ca/en/1396697/the-pods1#Availability


Tuesday Oct 25-28: Wave pod (3 nights)

Wednesday Oct 26-28: Wood Pod (2 nights)

Monday Oct 31- Nov 3: Wood pod (2-3 nights)


Monday Oct 31- Nov 3: Wood pod (2-3 nights)

Monday Nov 1-4: Nest pod (2-3 nights)

Tuesday Nov 2-4: Sand and Leaf pod (2 nights)

Tuesday Nov 8-10: Leaf Pod (2 nights)

Sunday Nov 13-18: Nest and Leaf pod (2-5 nights)

Monday Nov 14-18: Wood Pod (2-4 nights)

Sunday Nov 20-23: Leaf Pod (2-3 nights)

Monday Nov 22-24: Wood Pod (2 nights)

Tuesday Nov 22-25: Wave and Nest pod (2-3 nights)

Monday Nov 28-Dec: Leaf pod

Tuesday Nov 29-Dec: Rock, Wood, and Nest pod (2+ nights)


Currently wide availability, please see availability calendar or email us to check dates

For 2023 please check the availability calendar or hit BOOK NOW and enter your dates, we are currently accepting bookings six months in advance.